Help and FAQ

Why do trainees have to sign a contract?

One concern of ours is that recruits will not be entirely honest with us in how committed they are to joining TBE. That concern is very much founded on our experiences when we were a slightly larger discord community, that commonly saw people join without a real commitment to the community, which drained us of a lot of time and resources that we would have rather invested in the people that are truly planning to stay with us and share the vision we have for this organization. A contract cannot entirely nullify this, but it sets the tone for a professional relationship between the player and the organization, and potentially discourages those that have no real interest in the community.

Why do trainees have to pay a contract fee?

Very similarly to the prior question, the contract fee is meant to discourage those that are uncertain about whether or not they can stay with TBE for at least four months. It sounds like we are being very exclusive, but our intention is simply that we do not want to waste time that we could invest in our committed members. For example, if you are starting a new, much more time-intensive job very soon, planning to get married in a month, or are six months pregnant, we would like to congratulate you on all those things, but it simply does not make sense for you to join an organization that plans to work with you for an extended period of time. And if you are confident in your ability to stick around and not be a complete dick while you are with us, chances are that the contract fee will be returned to you without any problems. We are not going to be using the money of the contract fees either, it will sit untouched on a sub-account with your name tag on it.

What does a trainee contract really look like?

Our trainee contracts are fairly short (3 pages) documents, which mainly focus on establishing a proper relationship between the trainee and the organization, while protecting both parties from each other. This protection is mostly focused around guaranteeing that the org will return the contract fee, and that the trainee cannot abuse the org’s services or share confidential information with third parties. The contract also includes behaviour guidelines and minimum activity requirements for the trainee, which are meant to guarantee that the trainee does not negatively affect the atmosphere of the community, but are also still lax enough to not feel like a burden on the trainee ( we are talking seven soloq games per week and making sure to tell your advisee when you can’t make it).

What exactly does an advisor do?

An advisor is the person that is personally responsible for a trainee. They will help integrate the trainee into the community, answer all their questions, and work with the trainee to figure out an optimal training plan for them, while also helping to schedule events and activities for the trainee, like participation in house games or even external tournaments. They are both a helper and a supervisor, as they are also responsible for keeping track of a trainee’s progress and make sure that they fulfill their active duty. The advisor will also represent their trainee’s interest in front of the rest of the staff, should it be necessary.

What kind of activities do you do on TBE?

Our usual weekly activities will mostly include inhouse games, courses lead by coaches, and opportunities for training groups and teams to scrim against teams from partnered organizations, but also the occasional fun event less related to competitive league to make sure that everyone gets a chance to rest once in a while. We will also host smaller competitions for our trainees to show their skill and proof that they are ready to debut. These could come in the form of lane-specific 1v1/2v2 tournaments, written tests about League’s world of numbers, drafting competitions, and straight up 5v5 tournaments.

What do your courses look like?

Courses can differ quite substantially in their structure and content. Usually, a course means that a coach will gather together with a small group of trainees to teach a certain aspect of the game. There could be leadership courses, which would mainly consist of a small lecture and a discussion between the trainees and the coach, but also much more specific courses about certain lane matchups or phases of the game, team compositions or champion archetypes. Those courses might feature smaller custom games, or be in combination with inhouse events, where players can try the learned under supervision of the coach. We will continuously roll out new, interactive courses, and our coaches will only continue to improve and find better ways to present their knowledge.

Why can’t I find a link to your discord server?

Our discord server is meant to be a private space, in which our players can truly feel comfortable and at home. We think that a constant flow of people joining and leaving is not beneficial for that atmosphere. If you are looking to join TBE, use the form on the Join Us page, and we will send you a temporary invite link to the server, if you are chosen for a conversation. If you are not planning to join TBE, but are interested to look around, please use the contact details on our Contact page to request access to the server, together with your reasoning to do so.

Does TBE have its own league/tournament?

Bird Esports does not currently host its own regular league or tournament, nor are we planning to do so in the near future. Our teams will usually debut in externally organized leagues and tournaments. Though we will occasionally host smaller competitions with rewards for our own trainees to get them used to the pressure of a tournament.

I also own an esports organization and would like to partner with TBE. Who do I contact?

If you are interested in a partnership with TBE, please use the contact information on our Contact page, and let us know about your vision for the partnership. We will certainly be interested to hear it, and soon get into contact with you for further conversations. We are quite fond of scrim partnerships, mutual PR-pushes, offering of tournament spots in return for publicity, or if you are looking to recruit one of our trainees as a starter for your team.